Women health : The way of your Life

We all know that health is very important. Even there is a popular saying “Health is Wealth”. If our health is not well then nothing is fine. On the other hand, if we are perfectly fine then only we can access are work well. And this work adds in our wealth. The point of saying is that health is a major color of our life which is filling happiness in our lives.

Good health means that we are physically, socially and mentally endlessly fit which leads us to do good work and to spend a good life and even learn to resist negative impact of his environment.

Why we say health is a vital part of our life?

We are living in this modern era and when we see around us ,we are surrounded with the polluted environment , and today there are lots of people who are suffering with many diseases such as diabetes, Knee Pain cancer and cardiovascular and many more. So to prevent from all these we need to safe our health. if you are not heathy, then there will no happiness.

What can you do to make yourself healthy?

In my opinion it’s totally depends you that how much efforts you really do to make healthy lifestyle. to maintain your life style healthy you have to make yourself very calm, create positive thoughts inside you, maintain the habit of regular walk, laugh as much you can with your friends, families. Physical exercise is also good for everyone, it reduce the risk of Obesity , type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. when Physical activity and exercise combine together will complete your all the health benefits for long term. do not sit free at home ,do any activity at your home which really improve your quality of life.

How you will feel that you healthy?

  • Glowing skin and clear eyes.
  • Strong bone, teeth, gums,
  • No hair fall and good length of your hair, Strong Nails formation
  • Fresh breath and body odour.
  • Digestive system working properly ,no constipation, no acidity problem, bloating etc.
  • when you wake you feel fresh, energetic instead of moody or dull.
  • Regular, healthy bowel movements.
  • No issue with urination.
  • Wounds and bruises heal quickly


“If you are mind is calm then it’s brings inner strength and self-confidence, and it is all occur when you have a good health. There is nothing important then your health ,just feel that it’s your principal capital asset.”