Food,Diet and Nutrition

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““Your diet is a bank account; Good food choice are good investments.”

A good and balances diet leaves a deep impression on your health. And you have to choose your diet according to your requirement. it’s possible when you will listen a deep sound inside you. However, it’s little bit difficult to beginners like me but when you will start you will see a great change.

Here I will tell you what type of healthy diet our body needs.

 1. Protein – Protein are essential diet for every one because it provides essential amino acids for our body. You can say that “Protein are Building blocks of life” and hence it is necessary for body development and growth. All the organs, even skin is also made up of protein. Without protein you cannot repair any damage. Our body consume protein to make enzyme hormones which is required for our body to perform various processes and reaction to occur.

2. Fat – we use Fat and carbohydrates as a source of Fuel. We generally say that it works as a “Khalnayak” but according to source it has been found that some fat is also essential for our body. Body need some fatty acids, which we can get by eating fat and even some vitamins are fat soluble, to obtain them you need to eat fats.

3. Fiber – Fiber is plant-derived food which cannot be broken down by digestive enzymes and nourish our body. You can obtain fiber form all vegetables and fruits.

4. Carbohydrates – Well, carbohydrates for only to give energy to our can generate form fats and protein which is already taken by us.

5. Vitamins and minerals – there are 13 number of vitamins which plays a significant role in human life and helps to support our body. Both vitamins and mineral are trance substances which is found in many foods. And if do not take these vitamins, we can challenge any disease such as rickets lack of Vitamin D, Scurvy vitamin C, and spina bifida in new born babies (folic acid, otherwise known as Vitamin B9)

           So, take a balanced diet which is full up of proteins, fats, carbohydrates due to this you will get all the essential Vitamins and minerals which is required for every human life.