Exercise Health benefits

“ To being fit is not a destination, it’s just a way of living a healthy life”

 We all know that exercise is very important to everyone. we should maintain a healthy life in our life to live long. Whenever we think about the exercise we consider it as a Physical exercise, which is a physical excretion of body and making our body to do physical activity. Physical activity is one type of exercise which is produced by muscle contraction by our body movement and help to burn calories.

 However, different people have different views about exercise. some people think that exercise is only to lose weight.I have seen many examples in my daily life. I am also very fancier for doing exercise and I have maintained the habit of regular exercise. I do exercise in daily routine. There are many multifarious ways to adopt the habit of regular and healthy exercise such as by doing regular walk every day for 30 mints, yoga and joining a good Gym.

It’s true that we lose weight by exercise but it’s also true that exercise lower the heavy risk of some diseases.

Exercise plays a very significant role in our life, in this blog I will elucidate the fact of different exercise which help to enhance our physical fitness, and general health and how exercise benefit for our health.

Why people siphon the habit of exercise in their daily life?? Why they are so aggressive for exercise ??

 We have suggested some point why they are possessive for exercise .take a look.

  • To stay fit and fine
  • To increase your energy level
  • To increase your brain health and memory
  • To make you feel happier
  • Controlling body weight
  • To build muscle
  • For strengthening muscle
  • Some people do as a fun
  • To socialize
  • To maintain the cardiovascular system
  • As a form of escapism