At first sight, “what is disease?” The answer is quite simple. A disease is an unusual condition that affect a living organism.  Disease generally we consider medical conditions which involves pathological process which is associate with the specific Set of sentences.

All Disease have its origin or history, but some diseases that come with different symptoms are very difficult to determine. Every person understands that they are usually associated with illness with pain problems, but they do not understand that this can also be done due to disability, deviant behavior, injuries, infections or any syndromes may be the sign of diseases.

We can avoid these diseases by using proper arrangements, proper nutrition and persistent exercise. From many devices like medicine and surgery, we can take care of health. If we catch our diseases at the right time and get good treatment then we can save ourselves from that disease.

Someone really says that art of medicine only entertains the patients and that nature is the one that cures the disease”.

Once the disease enters our body then it attacks the healthy parts of our body, then at that time the healthy parts of our body should fight together against that disease, nature knows everything and that time Nature attacks the disease with whatever help she can muster.

 “if you catch any disease in life then you do not have to sit down nor do not cry for the disease, although you have to show courage to fight with that disease, you have to challenge that fight and enjoy the life.

The love you receive at the top is called a treasure, which will survive with you for a long time after your good heath disappears. “

In this page we will illustrate some disease which affect the human beings commonly. And gradually through this blog we will tell you about the symptoms and the causes of those diseases. How to save yourself form diseases and how you can fight with them, we will also send you through this blog. The categories of disease include such as:

  • Breast cancer