Immune System: brief introduction, Causes, symptoms


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Definition of immune system and idea about its work?

Immune system is one of the best friend of our body which protects us form the bad elements such as bacteria, viruses, toxins, fungi and other chemicals which is produced by microbes.

Immune system is built form many organs, cells and proteins which do function together.

What is immune system and how it works

Do you know the three major function of our immune system??

As we know that there are three types of immune system, called, innate, adaptive, and passive which have different function.

1.Innate immunity. Everyone is born with this Innate immune system. Innate immunity response against pathogens because they consist physical, chemical and cellular defense system. The major function of this type is that it gives immediate response to protect our body from the foreign pathogens.

2.Adaptive immunity. Also known as Acquired immunity. It prevents us from the invading pathogens and toxic molecule as we go through life.

3.Passive immunity. This type of immunity develops when we get immunity components from the other person. For an example, an infant contains antibodies from mother bomb through placenta or breast milk and one more when you receive antibodies in the form of injection.

What are the 5 parts of the immune system?

22 foods to boost your immune system

Below mentioned five parts are the powerful parts which fight against infection.

  • White Blood Cells, Antibodies
  • The Spleen
  • The Thymus
  • The Bone Narrow
  • The Lymphatic and Complement System

Do you know the weak immune system signs? If no, please read below!!

  • You will get tired every time
  • Cold and cough every time
  • Stress level is on peak
  • Lots of time abdomen infection
  • Infection continuously
  • Wounds will not heal faster
  • Skin infection
  • Infant growth and development will suffer
  • Blood infection can lead the disease of anemia

What are the different steps to Boost Your Immune System?

There is numeral method to enhance your immune system. Here I am mentioning some common ways to improve immune system.

  • Don’t’ smoke
  • Maintain healthy life style
  • Eat proper Diet which is filled with fibers, proteins and other minerals.
  • Exercise daily according to your age.
  • Morning and evening walk
  • Remove stress from your life
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Always cook fresh food three times
  • Always wash your hands before eating and also maintain the habit to wash hands after 20 or 30 minutes to protect from harmful germs or bacteria.
  • Take adequate sleep.
  • Disinfect household objects

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Here are some natural ways to enhance immune system?

  • Eat fresh fruits
  • Plant Organic or buy organic vegetables of fruits
  • Drink milk by adding turmeric
  • Drink lemon water two times in a day
  • Wash hand properly
  • Keep update of your vaccination
  • Get proper sleep.
  • Maintain healthy weight

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What are the good immunity signs?

First one, when a mosquito will bite you then immediately your body will response and you will kill that mosquito and after some time at the same place, itching will irritate you.

Secondly, the person who has cold and cough problem every time, then your body will stop the bacteria and germs which is the reason to increase the chances of cold and cough.

What are the factors involve for weak immune system?

 Some common factors which is very bad to increase the chances of immune system.

  • Smoke frequently
  • Drinking alcohol every day without measuring the cup or bottle.
  • Poor and imbalance diet.
  • No proper exercise
  • Body infected with other dangerous diseases such as HIV, AIDS both are armful which destroys white blood cells.
  • Stress/Tension every time.

If you have weak immune system, then how your body will response?

  • Body will get sick
  • You will get tiredness
  • Frequent infection and severe symptoms
  • Frequent infection can cause pneumonia
  • Do not feel appetite
  • Do not feel good
  • Will not talk much
  • Irritating mood
  • Lots of Weakness

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List of some Vitamins which help to boost immune system?

  • Vitamin B.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Folic acid.
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

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What are the best beverages for immune system?

  • Orange Juice
  • Beet, Grapefruit Juice
  • Carrot, Pomegranate Juice
  • Watermelon and mint Juice
  • Mango and banana shake
  • Tomato Soup
  • Mixed Vegetables soup
  • Black chickpea soup

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do you have any ideas about natural antiviral?

Here are some Common kitchen herbs which include basil, sage, and oregano, astragalus and Sambucus. These are powerful antiviral prevent us from numerous viruses that cause infections in humans.

What are the  strongest antiviral essential oil?

These are some essential oil which is recommended by authors which have strongest antiviral.

  • bergamot oil.
  • eucalyptus oil.
  • red thyme.
  • cinnamon leaf.

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