How you can fight with a weak immune system to stay healthy


As we know, that immune system made up of many components such as organs, Lymph, white blood cells and many more, So, immune system is the main warrior for most of the time which protects the body from infection. However, there are many people who have weak immune system due to which they get more infection frequently. So, through this article, I will tell you some tips to stay away from the infection every time.

Moreover, there are some other immunodeficiency disorders, means present in the human body by birth or may be environmental factors. Such as

  • HIV By birth
  • Malnutrition
  • Viral hepatitis

These kind of immunodeficiency disorders cannot be recognized when the state will be mild or people can not be aware of it for years and sometime it can be harmful by experiencing the frequent infection in their life.

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What are the symptoms of a weak immune system?

Every person has unique symptoms but there are few common symptoms which we have mentioned below but always remember, people who have a weak immune system is get infection more frequently than other people.

  • Too much Abdominal problem
  • Skin Infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Wound will heal slowly
  • You will feel tired
  • Dry Eyes
  • Cold, flu and other infection frequently
  • Stress and tension level increase day by day

What are the ways to keep yourself healthy and boost your immune system?

With the help of some precaution, a weak immune system people can fight with this and can win the chance to make themselves strong and will stay happy and healthy with family.

1.Eat rich, nutritious Fruits and Vegetables

You have to stop the poor diet from your diet which is the most important formula to boost the immune system. Change your life style by eating good diet food which will build your bones and tissues. Every person has talent nowadays and there are various option to learn cook the food, if anyone of us do not know, how to cook the healthy food.

Vegetables are rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, fiber and other nutrients. In other hand fruits have antioxidant properties which will give you vitamin C, D, E, fiber, Protein and another micro nutrient.

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Always Remember some below points: –

  • Wash fruit and vegetables properly to avoid Germs before peeling them.\
  • Do not eat raw eggs, meat and Chicken to avoid infection.
  • Always Place the food and Vegetables or other eatable item on hygiene surface even any small insect does not come near to them.
  • You can extract juice from fruits and avoid packed juice because they are rich in sugar.
  • Prepare vegetable soup every day which is also good for a healthy immune system.

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2.Adopt the good habit of daily Morning and Evening walk and Exercise

Exercise is the most fundamental way to improve the health issues. It will activate you to make yourself perky. You need to at least 45 minutes’ walk every day. See the below health benefits…

  • Activate your brain in fresh to think Positive and learn the things easily
  • Boost your willing Power
  • Prevent from the heart and other harmful diseases such as control and manage blood sugar and insulin level.
  • Increase your appetite
  • Reduce gastric problem
  • Exercise will control your body weight and maintain your body structure.
  • Strengths your bones and muscles
  • Help to take adequate sleep
  • Help to make smile on your face
  • Finally increase the chance to live long

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3.Live in Hygiene Condition

Live in a hygiene condition is also very vital for every person. This habit will stay your far away from the infection. By adapting this choice, you can boost your immune system. There is some step in which your have to follow the hygiene rules

  • When you touch anything wash your hand properly
  • In kitchen, first step that, kitchen should be clean and wash your hand before, during making meals
  • after eating food, fruits, snacks, it means, every time, when you eat something, wash properly
  • In clod and flu infection, wash your hand after 15 minutes and even after blowing the nose.
  • After Sneezing, it’s required.
  • If you have bleeding or a cut, after applying the medicine
  • After touching someone who is not well
  • After using washroom
  • After changing baby dipper
  • If you are touching any animal or animal’s food or waste
  • After keeping the garbage outside

So, in this way, if you follow the instruction, you can cope up with the infection and infirmity. This formula is also given by CDC that after proper hand washing, every one decreases the infection and disease such as diarrhea which is very common problem who has a weak immune system.

Moreover, you will safe your infants and children form the illnesses from pneumonia because it is the most common problem in new born babies.

4.Do not visit infected person

Infection varies from person to person and the person who has cold and flu, strong chances to get infection when they sneeze or through water droplets that a person expels into the air. So, please stay away from the close contact such as hugging, hand shake, kissing at this time to prevent from the illness, even do not share food, drinks or other eatable items.

5.Disinfect household objects Every week

Germs and bacteria are the other solid reason for the infection, because they also live on the surface such as drake (house fly) always sit on utensils, doorknobs, on floor, garbage bag which contain lots of harmful infection. So, if you want to reduce the quantity of germs clean your house of disinfect the house hold objects.

6.Reduce the Level of your Stress and Tension

Both of them can become the part to weak your immune system or any illness. Sometime it is the worst sign of depression. Even some research also identifies that if you get the habit of being stresses all the time, you always will get sick. So, take the suitable steps to reduce the stress by adhering some new practices such as

  • Spend more time with your family
  • Try to speak your worry with your close friends or families
  • Do not hesitate to convey your thoughts which comes in your mind, always speak openly to avoid stress.
  • Watch Entertainment Tv programs.
  • Do some yoga
  • Meditation is also effective method
  • Massages

7.Take adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation is also affecting the immunity. If you are not taking the rest properly, it will disturb the function and production of white blood cells which is the critical situation for a weak immune system.

8.Take Supplements

Fruits and vegetables contain protein, fiber, magnesium and other micro nutrients. Beside these you can take other supplements in your day to day life because other vitamins and minerals are good for the function of a healthy immune system.

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  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Folic acid
  • Zinc

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9.Routine check-up and advice of a Doctor

You need to follow the doctor advice, if your immune system is not improving. So, take the advice on medicine and vaccines. Doctor will suggest them to take the medicine and vaccines on regular interval of time.

In this way, you will safe your immune system by taking the recommendation on time and properly.

Hope is something which lead to on your bright path from bad time, So, take this challenge and win the powerful house of your immune system.

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