Pregnancy Four weeks Symptoms: Baby’s Structure

Woo!! Great!! Finally, when you come to know that you are pregnant after doing the blood test, urine test and ultrasound and then doctor declare that, now you are going to take a new step in your life, SO, I think, this is an incredible happiness for every mother. You will share this precious moment with your dear one, especially with your life partner as it is a priceless happiness for every father.

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What are the symptoms of Four weeks pregnancy!!

Symptoms varies from person to person. Some women do not feel any symptoms but some face some common symptoms which we have listed here.


Sometimes 50 to 70 percent women feel totally exhaustion in which they do not feel to walk. This is happening because body is doing hard work to working hard to grow that teeny ball of cells into an embryo.

2.Morning Sickness

50 to 90 Percent pregnant women get morning sickness which includes nausea and vomiting sometime and this is the worst situation during pregnancy and sometimes it remains nine months.

3.Mood Swing

Your mood change automatically even you cannot judge yourself. Sometime you feel irritated, will not talk to anyone, prefer to sit alone at green place but sometime you will laugh with others and will share your feeling. It just due to hormonal changes.


You will feel strange carving in this period. Some women prefer to eat one item in a large quantity for long period such as GolGappa, Ice-creams, Jam and others.

5.Slight Spotting

This spotting is not same as your periods. You will see light spots. But don’t worry, it is common between 70 to 80 percent pregnant women.

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Baby development

In this phase three layers will develop in the blastocyst: the ectoderm, the mesoderm, and the endoderm. These will eventually form the organs and tissues of the new born infant.

What will be the size of your baby during four weeks!!

Your baby size will a poppy seed and measures around 0.078 inches.

In the end of the fourth weeks under the observation of ultrasound, you can feel the such a wonderful thing such as

See what body part and organs will form from the ectoderm layer during week four:

  • the nervous system and brain
  • the outermost layer of the skin
  • the hair
  • the lens of the eye
  • pigment cells
  • the nails
  • mammary and sweat glands
  • tooth enamel

See what body part and organs will form from the mesoderm layer during week four:

  • the heart
  • lymph cells
  • sex organs
  • the skeleton and skeletal muscles
  • connective tissues
  • the urogenital system
  • the dermis of the skin
  • the kidneys and spleen

See what body part and organs will form from the endoderm layer during week four:

  • the lungs
  • the liver
  • the pancreas
  • the pharynx
  • the stomach
  • the urinary bladder
  • the thyroid and parathyroid
  • the intestines
  • the lining of the urethra

When miracle comes in your life, you fly in air without wings, this is the most excited feeling in this world which no one can steal


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