Eat well during Pregnancy: easy and good way

Sometimes this is a big issue that, how they can eat a healthy diet in a systematic manner as they have lots of things to eat and sometimes, they get confused to plan the diet and when they take unbalanced diet, can harm the baby as well baby’s growth and development.

Therefore, it is most important to make the list of your healthy diet by dividing the food in different categories and have the healthy diet according to the plan which will keep mother and baby active and energetic.

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A good Doctor always try to make diet plan in smooth way and divide the nutritious diet in three meals or six meals. Here we have also suggested some tips in which you can have healthy diet during pregnancy.

1.Need to eat breakfast on regular basis

Don’t forget to have your healthy breakfast as it plays an important role during pregnancy. Always try to take good and healthy home-made breakfast such as fortified cereals as they are ready to eat or you can cook other nutritious food such as Egg omelet with lots of vegetables such as Red and Green Bell peppers, Oatmeal, Porridge and others which will make you active and strong. Moreover, add one fruit in your breakfast.

2.Eat fiber instead of junk food

Eat foods which is loaded with fiber which will combat with the problem of constipation.

There are many vegetables such as carrots, dark-green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, mustard leaves, peas, melon, nuts and seeds, wholegrain cereals, wholegrain bread and oats, barley, rye, pulses, brown rice, broccoli, sweetcorn and potatoes with skin, legumes(black beans, chickpeas, lentils) instead of all junk food.

Various nutritious fruits are present in the market such as bananas, Guava, pears, Berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) oranges and juice, apples.

3.Eat small meals

When you will take small meals along with variety of foods and fruits, it will give you more power and you will feel active and energetic and also you will not feel overloaded. In this way you will eat very smoothly as it plays important role such as.

  • Reduce the problem of any diseases such as fever, nausea and vomiting.
  • Sometime when we eat more during pregnancy, they face the problem of indigestion and heartburn, but intake of small meals, will prevent you from this situation.
  • This method will make you comfortable as the baby increase the size.
  • Also, Carving will come under control.

4.Stay Active by doing some exercise

To stay active is very essential. There are many people who think that exercise is not good in pregnancy which will harm the mother and baby but exercise varies from person to person and sometimes doctors recommend them exercise according to their situation.


5.Drink water and juices in a regular time interval

Water is a life and fundamental for everyone’s life. So, when you feel thirsty drink one glass of a water in a regular break. Sometime you can also take the juices but don’t include other sugary beverages such as coke, and coca cola. Furthermore, try to drink home- made juice instead of preservative as they have added more surgery substance in that packet to keep them a long time.

6.Add Dairy products in your healthy diet

When you will take your lunch, breakfast and dinner always add yogurt in your diet and in night take one glass of milk as they have calcium which is necessary to build tissues and bones.

7.Choose healthy snacks instead of fried or deep fried

Fry foods will full your stomach for long time and in this way, you are unable to take other healthy diet and skip the small meals. Sometimes this fried food creates many problems such as constipation and no mood to eat anything until you stomach do not get empty.

  • Therefore, try to take Low-fat or fat-free yogurt with fruit
  • Make sandwiches with lots of vegetables such as cucumber, Cauliflower, Cheese, Red and green bell peppers.
  • You can also take popcorn as your snack.

8.Avoid some soft cheeses and lunch meat.

There are some foods which have lots of bacterial that can harm your baby. Therefore, stay away from…

  • Soft cheeses like feta, Brie, and goat cheese
  • Raw meats or fish (like sushi)

9.Stay away from alcohol and take small amount of

  • Drink decaffeinated coffee or tea.
  • Drink water or seltzer instead of soda.
  • Don’t touch the alcohol during pregnancy.

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