Pregnancy Sign: Early Symptoms

Symptoms are common but they vary from person to person due to hormonal changes. Some women assert that if they miss the period, means she has suspected or a hope to get pregnant. Many of them assume the pregnancy in the first week after conception.

Everything precious in your life but pregnancy is the most amazing and heart-fullness

In this article, we have suggested some early signs of pregnancy only for your information which can be similar. Many women feel the intuition about the pregnancy and sometimes they often proven correct. But they can feel the different symptoms from others such as tired, moody, queasy, lighten, and others. 

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1.Miss Period

Period is a regular process of every month which comes in a particular time and women wait for every month but when they miss their period, she starts to think and search for more details about the sign of pregnancy. This is the very first symptoms which force to every woman to think that she has conceived.


Many women face this phase in her life because Pregnancy is the crucial period as hormonal changes is also take place and somewhere hormone progesterone level soar, due to this they feel sleepy and laziness and feel no one wake her from her deep sleep. Moreover, blood sugar level, blood pressure also decreases in this period.

3.Breast Tender or swollen

This is also the early two weeks symptoms of the conception and some women easily observe the sensation in their outer part of the breast tissues due to hormonal changes which make your breast fuller, heavier, dense, tender or swollen. In many cases women feel pain which hurts her a lot.

4.Cramping and Slight Vaginal bleeding or spotting

Spotting or Vaginal bleeding also known as implantation bleeding which is occur after fertilization, when fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus -about 10-14 days as this is also the main early pregnancy signs. Furthermore, the color of the bleeding is not same like the normal periods which is dark red or red but this bleeding appears in light color. In the first month pregnancy, some women also feel some pain in their stomach, called cramping.

4.Strange Carvings or Food aversions

Food is a delicious thing in which everyone has different choice but in the pregnancy period, some women also hate some cuisine such as coffee, milk, deep fry food, turning off the nose from the smell of onion, garlic, meat. Some likes spicy food but some hates. Therefore, it depends upon their mood. Moreover, sometimes she wants to specific food in a very strange way such as ice cream, dairy products, fruit,chocolates, jam, Panipuri or Golgappa and many others sweet foods.

6.Vomiting with or without Nausea

Some women face very critical period in first three months and when they eat anything immediately vomiting issues start. So, in this period, she does not prefer to eat. This situation occurs when estrogen level sore rapidly. Pregnant women sense of smell of some odors which includes cooking with sudh desi ghee, fried foods, perfume and smoking are very high. Therefore, these are the terrible reason which forced to vomit and many times cause the issue of Nausea with or without vomiting.


This is very common and painful symptoms for early pregnant women as in the early days the blood circulation level expand due to hormonal changes which cause irritating, frequent and mild headache.


Constipation is the pathetic problem which caught the many people in the net and people feel a huge irritation as they feel uncomfortable or restless and could not eat anything. Therefore , in the pregnant women this problem also occur in some extent due to increase in progesterone, pass the food very slowly through the intestine.

9.Mood Swings

This is also due to the hormonal changes which happen in the first trimester. In this period, they do not feel to talk to anyone, sometime she talks with other too much, she laughs with them who makes her happy, she does the tantrums with dear one, many time she sleeps a lot , she reads the religious books and also prefer to listen soft music, but some time when she does not feel good, also cry.

10.Increase Basal body temperature

This is happened in the second phase which should be at least 0.18 °F (0.4 °C) higher compared to the first phase which you can observed for about 12–14 days. When menstruation starts, the BBT usually stands at around 98.6 °F (37 °C) and goes down by the end of your period.

Pregnancy is the most experienced time for a mother when she goes under the very crucial period and face many changes and stress. Therefore, it is the duty of dear husband to keep her happy and stress free, even does not think much as it can harm the baby and her life because both are crucial assets in your life.

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