Sexual health Problem

Sexual sign

Sex is the strongest bonding between partners, through this bond you can build your relationship but it does not mean that you torture her because in society there are many people who do not the proper definition of sex. Some women also face sexual problem due to below situation.

Always remember you can not buy anything from money, we need  love, care ,and sympthy to run a beautifull life a head

There are many problems but  I have elucidated some of them which are related to them.

  1. Sexually harassment means
  2. Painful intercourse
  3. Partner Sexual infection during sex
  4. lack of knowledge,
  5. Psychological factors such as guilt, anxiety, or a past sexual trauma or abuse

Women’s sexual health services may include:

There are maybe other reason but if you find anyone of above one, you need a good care and if a problem arises then see a good doctor.

  •  Concern with Doctor
  • You can have contraceptives for birth control
  • Proper treatment and prevention of sexually -transmitted infections
  • You can take therapies treatment to help with sexual function

Love is a wonderfull thing, that has understood it,has got everything

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