Peer pressure of family : How to break it

Daughter with her unhappy parents

Pressure means if you are always under pressure, So I think it’s just a burden. you feel pressure when do not know what you are doing but peer pressure is something which we feel in school and in the family and both have different factors. Because in school we get it from friends, teachers and somewhere from the study but form family there is a different concept.

There is no doubt that women are facing family pressure which varies from family to family. Different people have their distinct mindset. I have specified the problem related to this issue before making a note.

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There is numerous problem related to this situation.

Before Marriage –

women face issue with uneducated family. I have seen a live example of the village, She wants to study, stand on her feet, ready to face any challenges but due to family circumstances she gets stuck and family pushes her to marry at the age of 20 and at this age she is not maturing. So women commit suicide and some of them get addicted to drugs.

After marriage –

  • Ridiculous families don’t treat properly
  • Families tease about dowry
  • Families don’t allow her for a job after getting an education
  • Husband shows bad behavior
  • Families force her to born more than two babies while she is not in that condition.

On the other hand, there is various solution to overcome this problem.

  • Educated women educate the family.
  • Women raise her voice against crime.
  • She has the right to say “Yes” and “No”
  • If women are not educated then she can take help from educated friends/Community/ Society.

Love is everything, you have to spread the love as much you can because this is our basic need.

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