Domestic Violence

Women facing Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a painful crime and it is rooted deeply in a society where women have no self-respect, no rights to say against family, everybody abuses her and Also include sexual harassment, physically and mentally abused. So Nobody understands her real value in this word because of low mentality and less education and It affects both lower and middle-class families.


A flower can not shine without sunlights ,So no-one can live without love and where is love there is life

To resolve the issue, we have discussed some strategies 

  • Woman educate herself by gathering and planning a meeting and take help from nearby domestic violence organization.
  • woman unites together and comes in front because Unity is the best policy and you will get a good result.
  • Women discuss their matter with a trustworthy neighbor, friends and family member because it is also a good way and you will get a different way to fight against the crime.
  • If you see domestic violence in surroundings kindly raise your voice because your voice is a weapon which defense you.
  • Maintain a calm environment for your children because it spread a bad impact.
  • Immediately Inform to Police and defeat yourself.
  • If not getting the support anywhere knock the door of court and file the case against the happening crime.
  • Take supportive help from an advocate, they will guide you on right track.
  • Call on helpline number enforced by the Government and describe your crime briefly.

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Why woman need supports ,she is eough strong to fight with thousand enemy. think high and be bold.

To rule over the word make your self Strong, otherwise you will leave the race.

Never take back step,just go on ,life is nothing just upto you

A strong woman never think to accept the war and is ennobled by his scars.

wake up and show the real value to the word.



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