Breast Cancer : A brief introduction

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The whole world is surrounded by numerous diseases and fighting with them because there is a multifarious dreadful disease such as Diabetes, heart stroke, cardiovascular and cancer. So when I see anyone in pain, I really feel very sad and I know I cannot do anything for them except for pray because I think this is the just one life given by God and everyone have right to enjoy it fully.

Today we have written the blog on Breast cancer and we know that Nowadays Every Second lady is getting effective with this dreadful diseases and it has become a burning issue. I would elucidate some causes related to this problems.

  1. Hereditary problem

  2. Age factor

  3. The period before age of 12 years

  4. Menopause in old age

  5. Radiation Exposure

  6. Drink (ALCOHOL) assumption

but You not to worry just take a short look if you get such kind of issue and always concern a good doctor.

  • Direct contact with the doctor and follow each direction in a proper manner because he/she will give you the right path.
  • Don’t feel shy or hesitation in front of Doctor because he is God who and will save your life.
  • beside this
  •                Surgery
  •                Chemotherapy
  •                Hormonal therapy
  •                Biological therapy
  •                 Radiation therapy (After the doctor’s recommendation) 

And Add a wide variety of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber such as whole grain, beans, and legumes, Carrots, Broccoli, Kale, Onions and also we have listed some for you

  • Fruit —–Apple, Pear, Peaches, Strawberries, Citrus Fruit also
  • Add soya milk, tofu, soy nuts, edamame
  • Do daily Physical Exercise because you will feel energetic.
  • Quit Smoking because it will help you to increase the chances of more symptoms.
  • Consume less Alcohol

Fruits and vegetables have flavonoids and carotenoids

Stay Away from below product

  • Avoided fat milk and dairy product.
  • You can have low-fat milk in your diet
  • Avoided Alcohol, sugar, Red Meat

Only the best way to heal your wounds is medicine

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